Case Study: Establishing a Smooth and Adaptable Fund Operations Process with Verivest

Feb 1, 2024

 Case Study: Establishing a Smooth and Adaptable Fund Operations Process with Verivest

Client Profile: Mike Zlotnik, CEO at TF Management

The Situation:

Over the past decade, the team at TF Management Group has launched, capitalized, and scaled a diverse portfolio of what we believe to be high performing funds. Throughout that time, we have managed to constantly evolve to be successful in the ever-changing market conditions. It has been a journey marked by complexity, market uncertainties, and the need for a nimble approach. We credit our relationship with Verivest as a cornerstone in navigating these challenges. Verivest’s platform, services, and expert guidance have been instrumental in streamlining our operations and strengthening our investor relations.

The Challenge:

Our goal is to launch one new fund per year. Managing multiple funds, each with its own unique strategies, assets, and investors, is a complex puzzle. With volatile market conditions, understanding asset performance and the effects of market shifts on investments is paramount. Raising capital for new funds demands expertise planning and nurturing strong investor relationships. All of this takes time and focused attention, requiring a sophisticated process and trustworthy administration.

The Solution:

Verivest introduced a structured approach, helping us create project plans with clearly defined steps, dependencies, and projected timelines, enabling us to efficiently close funds within the desired timeframes. They bring a deep understanding of real estate fund intricacies to the table, enabling them to support all of our different funds. Their platform streamlines fund administration, allowing us to reduce the administrative burden associated with our diverse portfolio.

Together, we have honed our fund strategies, aligned fees with our needs and the needs of our investors, and simplified the design of our strategies to be both efficient and easy to administer. Most recently we have transformed our investor relations strategy, shifting from quarterly investor calls to monthly town halls. We now deliver regular updates and quarterly written reports to investors, using the Verivest platform, to foster engagement and transparency.

The Outcomes:

Through our partnership with Verivest, we have achieved an outstanding level of efficiency in managing our multiple funds. Our streamlined operations and smooth fund management process has significantly reduced our administrative burdens, which frees us up to focus on raising new funds and managing our investor relationships.

Our enhanced communication strategy has further deepened our investor relationships. We have become more agile, helping us to adapt to market changes and increased volatility. We've honed a systematic approach to launching new funds that has enabled us to close must funds within 60 to 90 days.

Verivest has not only addressed our challenges but has also empowered us to thrive in the ever-changing world of real estate fund management. Our story serves as a testament to the power of Verivest’s strategic services and solutions, designed specifically for real estate fund managers.

-Mike Zlotnik

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